Australia’s first group money collection app.

Out with BSBs and chasing money; in with PayK, the social finance app that finally takes the chaos out of getting any number of people together to divvy up and collect funds via in-app money tranfers.

Get the app and create your first group, right away. It’s 100% free.

Available on iOS and Android devices

Create a group

Simply select members from your contacts and decide how much everyone needs to chip in. Our group wallets provide transparent and secure insight into who has paid, and who hasn’t. Each member will be able to see exactly what is going on.

Collect money

PayK isn’t just about keeping tabs, notes and calculations. We are a financially integrated solution which means that the actual money transfers take place within the app. We do all the maths, then play the role of badger and do the chasing up. You just sit back and watch the money transfers come in to the group wallet.

Withdraw to your bank account

Withdraw the group amount to your bank account in increments or as a lump sum at the end. This keep things nice and clean in your bank statement. No more rummaging!

Things you need PayK for

Safe & Secure

PayK uses top tier banks and processors, all PCI/DSS Level 1, who comply with the most strict regulatory requirements and make sure your funds are in very safe hands.

PayK is completely safe and secure.